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Events at Cone Health Cancer Center, Second-floor Auditorium

March 7, 2016

6:00 PM
Cancer Education Series: Colorectal Cancer


Cone Health Cancer Center, Second-floor Auditorium

Together, cancer of the colon and rectum are among the most Common Cancers in the United States. They occur in both men and women. Colorectal Cancer is most often found among people who are older than 50. People with a family history of colorectal cancer, polyps in colon or rectum, or inflammatory bowel disease are at greater risk than general population. All men and women older than 50 should do a fecal occult blood test every year. Join Dr. Carl Gessener from LeBauer Gastroenterology as he discusses screening for colorectal cancer and Dr. Alicia Thomas from Central Carolina Surgery as she discusses new therapies in minimally invasive colorectal surgery. Free fecal occult blood test kits will be distributed to all program participants.

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